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Plasma Rich Platelet Injection

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a relatively new treatment for multiple orthopedic conditions. It is becoming very popular worldwide. PRP is a concentration of platelets harvested from your own blood. Platelets have growth factors that promote healing in acute and chronic injuries. Injecting PRP into an area of injury may stimulate and enhance your body’s ability to heal the condition.

What can PRP do for me?

PRP has been used in the operating room for several decades to stimulate bone healing. PRP is now being used in offices, clinics and even athletic training rooms for common injuries and chronic conditions such as:

       Achilles Tendinitis

       Patellar Tendinitis

       Shoulder Tendinitis and Stiffness (Rotator Cuff and Frozen Shoulder)

       Tennis Elbow

       Knee Injuries and Arthritis

How is PRP obtained?

PRP is taken from your own blood. About 10cc of blood is withdrawn from your arm and then placed into a machine that separates the different blood components. Your physician then extracts the platelet rich portion and injects it into the area indicated. The injection is given as soon as the PRP is ready right here in the office. Most patients need only one injection but some may need up to three PRP injections over a period of several months.

PRP Effectiveness

Studies have shown that PRP can increase the number of growth factors necessary to promote healing. Studies are underway to determine if PRP makes a difference when injected into an injury. Current studies are promising but numerous investigations are underway to determine if PRP is more helpful than other treatments.

PRP Risks

Complications and side effects are rare. There is always a slight risk of infection from drawing blood or giving an injection. The most common side effect is pain or inflammation at the injection site. Our physicians will give you a local anesthetic prior to the PRP injection.


PRP may not covered by your insurance.  Most physicians charge $800 to $1500 per injection.

PRP injections are not indicated in patient with bleeding disorders, those on anti-coagulation medications, or those who have active infections, cancer or are pregnant.